Resolve Issues Of Not Attaching Word Files In Gmail By Calling Support


Are you unable to attach Word documents in Gmail? You have failed to attach the files saved in .doc file format and .docx format and thus called at the Contact Gmail customer service number to take help from the Gmail customer care. The issues are above this. You have attached word documents in .doc as well as in .docx format but it is not received in this same format. When you open the attachment for previewing and instead of getting the documents in the .doc or .docx files, you are able to access in .txt format. However, this case is not with everyone and thus you are looking for some way out to rescue form such matter. If you have troubles in attaching work files stored in .doc or .docx format then you are required for availing some steps instantly.

You need to know the cause behind the matter. The give solution is specifically for fixing to Gmail customer service number on Windows and not on the Gmail with MAC OS

Actually the problem of attaching files is not connected with the Gmail. As an alternative, the issue is actually connected with the device in which Gmail is accessed and it is all about the configuration. Thus to solve the matter from the root, you need to check out the following:

  • Check the version of the browser that you are using whether it is supportive of Gmail or not
  • Then clear the cache as well as cookies from the browser memory
  • Check whether the labs are active or not in Gmail. If they are active then deactivate them for the temporary basis. You can attempt for opening Gmail without labs link
  • Remove the antivirus if installed just now

By using these measures, you will be able to handle all the complications connected with the file attachments. However, the error trouble will not get sorted out if it is connected with the faulty Doc files. You might be coming across the trouble all because of damaged version of the Word documents used in device

On some occasions, the damaged Word files presents cause the complication so it is better to remove the Word and reinstall it and this will Email helpline number in solving the attachment matter

Has problem still not sorted?

Call at the Contact Gmail customer service number and seek from the support guys and they will help you in the complete way.








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